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Modern Icon Media is a full-service commercial creative video production company, and advertising agency specializing in high value promotional video and media productions. We leverage the power of video and reach of social media to bring you customers!

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Based in Colorado, available to work with clients based anywhere.


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Video Views (and Counting!)
Videos (and Counting!)
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Keeping It Simple For Clients

How It Works: We keep video production simple for our clients.


  1. A client approaches us 1 of 2 ways: With a goal in mind, or with a vision for a finished product. (Free Consultation)
  2. We work with the client to design a production that can achieve their goal/vision.
  3. Using our cinema-quality cameras with professional production equipment we produce the project.
  4. Using our professional post-production systems we edit, color, mix, master, and export the project.
  5. We provide advertising and promotional services to make sure the video can do it's job and help our client achieve their goal.

Clients Expect:

  • Approximately 1-hour of free consultation about the client's proposed project and how Modern Icon Media can bring it to life.
  • At least 1-2 meetings in person, on Skype, or on the phone between signing for the project start and the finalization of our project production agreement and bid signing.
  • Friendly collaborators that listen to clients needs, goals, and vision to craft a product that will maximize the value for them.
  • A team of professionals that bring projects to life creatively and cost-effectively with unique style, humor, visuals, etc. to make it stand out to their audience.
Modern Icon Media Head Producer Trenton Hoshiko works with Assistant Director Austin Bauman - Colorado Video Production - Boulder Video Production - Creative Video Production - Commercial Video Production - Denver Video Production
Modern Icon Media uses professional cinema cameras such as the URSA Mini Pro 4.6k - Colorado Video Production - Boulder Video Production - Creative Video Production - Commercial Video Production - Denver Video Production

If your video or media projects require a well thought out approach and professional production standards combined with high quality storytelling, creativity, vision, a pinch of humor, artistic value, and an overall unique edge to set you apart: we are the people you want to talk to!

Need A Video?

Commercial and Creative Video Services

We're a commercial video production company with a focus on visual style and high quality storytelling. Our team takes projects from concept to completion, spending the time in pre-production to save clients money in post-production. Within our wide range of video production services, we specialize in producing stories that make a difference for our client. From promotional videos to product videos, music videos and more, a combination of storytelling and crisp visuals (with a pinch of humor) bring our clients a high value video that connects with their audiences.

We also offer many other video and media services including photography from capture to restorative editing and colorization.

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Listed below are some of the services we offer:


Featured Services:

Commercial Creative Video Production - Including creative and marketing design.

Small Business and Restaurant Introduction Videos - Perfect for Websites!

Monthly Video Production - Get 12 Videos Every Year To Engage Your Customers



Production Services and Products

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Photography and Photo Editing

Colorado Photography, Colorado Commercial Photography, Colorado Photo Editing, Colorado Photo Colorization

Happy Clients

Below are testimonials and reviews from previous clients and collaborators. We work hard to make sure any video or media production work we do helps our clients move towards achieving their goals.

If we have worked with you in the past, please leave us a review! - Submit a Google Review Here!

Modern Icon Media has had great success with clients needing a vast range of projects. - Colorado Video Production - Boulder Video Production - Creative Video Production - Commercial Video Production - Denver Video Production

"Trenton Hoshiko of Modern Icon Media is an indispensable collaborator on every project he works on. As an independent filmmaker I have enlisted these services on numerous occasions and appreciate both the flexibility and expertise that Modern Icon brings to them. Regardless of whether one is seeking out cinematic or commercial mastery, Modern Icon's team is able to adapt quickly and effortlessly to the demands of each and every project. " (Google Link)

Jarrod White


"Modern Icon Media has been a key contributor to our leadership program. They have provided travel pictures and videos from our international travel, promotional materials and all of our marketing materials. I recommend them highly!" (Google Link)

Carrie Adams

Program Director, Silver Creek Leadership Academy

"I worked with Trenton Hoshiko of Modern Icon Media on post production of an independent film I directed. As an editor he brought a great insight to this critical aspect of the creative process. The atmosphere was inspiring and collaborative as Modern Icon provided me their expertise in crafting the film. Over the course of half a year, Modern Icon oversaw the film from rough cut to the final export.The film is now finding success in the film festival circuit. My working relationship with Modern Icon Media on this project was exceptional and I look forward to working with them again on future projects." (Google Link)

George Monard


"In our experience, we've always looked for few key videographer qualities. Modern Icon Media embodied all 3 of those qualities... professional, skillful and sometimes most importantly flexible. Professional -- they are great at communication while responding in a timely manner Skillful -- have a deep knowledge of their craft and equipment Flexible— openness to changes in the plan while maintaining an awesome attitude (during live their are countless decisions that have to be made on the fly... and flexibility makes everything go so much smoother) We hired Modern Icon Media for a 60 person workshop/corporate event and we couldn't be happier with the experience and the results. We'll definitely be hiring them again in the future :-)" (Google Link)

Blake Harrison

Operations Manager, Consulting Unleashed Live

"Wonderful group! Had an old photograph restored and couldn't be happier - the quality of the image and the promptness of the service made it a perfect holiday gift. Highly recommended!" (Google Link)

Julia Koerber

Photo Editing Client

"Great communication throughout the whole process. They really cared about the quality of their work & that we were pleased with end product." (Google Link)

Summer Deaton

CEO, ReSolutionaries, INC.

"I worked with Trenton last summer and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had with a dp. He was both an extremely knowledgable, talented craftsman and a positive, kind member of my crew. He was seriously a joy to work with. Trenton worked with me extensively in pre to plan out and then craft these starkly powerful images that really pushed my project to a brand new level." (Google Link)

Aaron Dye


"We hired Modern Icon Media to create an event experience video for the Longmont Sunrise Stampede, a running race with 700+ participants and lots of moving parts. Trenton and his team did a fabulous job of capturing the essence and excitement of the race to help us tell our story. I especially appreciated the team's professionalism and creativity in providing options and recommendations as we structured the project. MIM delivered a product that exceeded our expectation and I would highly recommend the MIM team! We will certainly work with them again." (Google Link)

Michelle Baltierras

Event Coordinator, Sunrise Stampede 10k Race

"Having worked with the Modern Icon team on multiple projects, all with very different ranges and scope, I cannot recommend them enough! With every project I've brought to them, they have always been great collaborators who listen closely to create great solutions for media. Most recently, Trenton and Robin came on board to produce a 20 minute film with me and I couldn't be happier with how the logistics turned out. Having full service and knowledge of every aspect of production in-house, Trenton and Robin can prep, produce, shoot, edit, and deliver a project directly to you or, in other cases, contract very reliable filmmakers to help realize larger projects. Trenton has always known how to bridge the gap between production and post, creating practical and effective lighting and camera rigging solutions as a cinematographer that flow seamlessly into the editing room, making for great looking content that's well-cut and delivered timely. He and Robin are quite savvy in their choice of equipment and tools, getting you the most production value while minimizing costly set-up time and production costs so they can focus on realizing the ideas in your content. Modern Icon Media is a very professional team, perfect for any business or film production in need of a strong production house." (Google Link)

Alexander Powell


Current and past clients and partners:

  • Airbone Dance
  • Awamaki
  • Dr. Drew Brazier
  • EF Tours
  • Emerson College
  • Longmont Chamber of Commerce
  • Longmont Police Department
  • Consulting Unleashed Live!
  • BLT Hawaiian Vacation Rentals

  • One Flew West (Band)
  • PC Pro Video
  • ReSolutionaries Inc.
  • Silver Creek Leadership Academy
  • Silver Creek High School
  • St. Vrain Vally School District
  • Sunrise Stampede 2-Mile and 10k Race
  • FitUprising
  • +Private clients

Digital Advertising Agency – Making Your Video Work For You

Modern Icon Media also serves as a Digital Advertising Agency, working to directly connect potential customers to our clients. We specialize in Google Adwords, Facebook, and YouTube Video marketing, both specifically targeted and semi-targeted. If your goal is customer reach, views and/or viralability, we can do that too!

When we started, our clients’ biggest feedback was not having their video being seen by the right people. How many videographers and production companies operate is to create a video, no matter how complex, beautiful, and/or expensive, and deliver it to their client. What this forgets is that, videos are great for websites, BUT unless that video, or that website gets more traffic from potential customers, it won’t help the business grow. Often times, this feels like a sore expense for whomever bought the video.

That is why we launched an internal ad agency that works to use videos and digital advertising to drive customers to our clients!

Let me use an example: With a finished business introduction video now hosted on the home page of our client’s website, we use digital advertising to attract potential customers to the web page. Combined with that video’s placement on YouTube and Facebook as well, and the use of highly specific targeted ads, we bring 10,000 potential customers into contact with our client’s business. Potential customers going directly to the website see the video on the home page, potential customers coming from the video on an external site now can explore the client’s website and view their products. In either case we are leveraging the combined power of video and digital advertising to maximize the reach to deliver potential customers directly to our clients.

We also offer adverting agency services as a standalone product to help businesses grow their customer base. Click here to contact us for a consultation!

We Advertise For:

  • Boulder/Longmont/Denver/Colorado based businesses
  • Ecommerce Stores
  • Authors – Traditional Print + Audiobooks
  • Car Dealerships

  • Musicians (Specifically Self-Released)
  • YouTube Channels + Shows
  • Movie Streaming Services
  • Travel Companies

Need A Video?

Modern Icon Media Leadership

Modern Icon Media Head Producer Trenton Hoshiko - - Colorado Video Production - Boulder Video Production - Creative Video Production - Commercial Video Production - Denver Video Production

Trenton Hoshiko is the owner, head producer, and head cinematographer of Modern Icon Media. Trenton has worked professionally in film and video production for around 8 years, and holds a bachelor’s degree in film production and cinematography from Emerson College. His responsibilities at Modern Icon Media include acting as the head producer: overseeing and working with producers, directors, and production designers, on the design and execution of video productions, advertisements, and other client projects. Trenton also acts as the head cinematographer for the company, leading the visual styling and capture of many of our video production projects.

Modern Icon Media works with a wide range for freelance teammates including producers and other artists from directors and writers to drone operators, editors, visual effects artists, composers, and sound designers. These talented individuals are often brought in from the professional film production world to lend their talents to your commercial production projects.

Modern Icon Media – Make Moments With Us!

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 - Colorado Video Production - Boulder Video Production - Creative Video Production - Commercial Video Production - Denver Video Production
 - Colorado Video Production - Boulder Video Production - Creative Video Production - Commercial Video Production - Denver Video Production