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by | Sep 7, 2019

In the goal-setting process there is often one step that is completely overlooked – and to me it is the most important one.


Step 1: Set A Goal

Make it achievable but challenging, and have a clear timeframe. 


Step 3: Judge Your Progress Against This Goal.

Produce real-life, factual feedback about your success. Always judge progress against your goal, not peers or competitors. The latter won’t tell you how YOU are doing.


Step 4: Change Your Goal

After time passes and you assess your progress towards your goal, change your goal as needed. If something isn’t working, try a new direction, a different scale, or sometimes you might need to change goals completely. And this is perfectly fine – everyone is constantly doing it without sharing their new goals! Always be critical in making sure that the goal you are working towards is best choice right now.


And now for the step that everyone forgets!


Step 2:  Share Your Goal With Others.

We’re all guilty of it! Sometimes it feels embarrassing to tell people your goals, sometimes we don’t have a lot of confidence, or we don’t want to seem like we’re begging, greedy, or annoying. No matter what you reason is, it is a roadblock to overcome.

Sharing your goal is as important as setting the goal in the first place. It gives you accountability, feedback on whether the goal is unrealistic or not challenging enough, and my favorite part: if people know what your goals are they can help you reach them. No one knows how to help you, and because of this they don’t help you, if they don’t know what you need or where you want to be. 

Not everyone will want to, or will be able to, and you can’t expect them to, but they don’t have a chance if they don’t know. I’ve found that most of the time, people really do want to help others, even strangers, achieve their goals. Sharing your goals might be the boost you need to make more progress towards them!

For example, at Modern Icon Media we’re working to grow our video ad agency by 10 clients this year. What would work better? Staying quiet and just prospecting to a cold audience, OR while we do our own prospecting we also tell our current clients and contacts that we are looking to add 10 new clients? The latter greatly improves our chances; when people in their networks say they are looking for advertising or video solutions, they get pointed our direction by someone who is providing a positive reference. Sharing your goals is a great way to activate your personal and professional networks. 


Without goals, we don’t know where we’re going, and we don’t have anything to measure against to judge our progress. Focused goal setting is a direct way to take control of your business or project and see progress towards where you want to be!

One last note: Please, when someone else shares their goals with you try to give them a hand and pass it on.


By: Trenton Hoshiko

Creative Director and Head Producer, Modern Icon Media


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Goal Setting For Success | Business Mindset

In the goal-setting process there is often one step that is completely overlooked - and to me it is the most important one. Step 1: Set A GoalMake it achievable but challenging, and have a clear timeframe.  Step 3: Judge Your Progress Against...