Real Estate Media Production

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Modern Icon Media offers multiple services to help elegantly display real estate property and communities for the purposes of sale, lease, rental, or simply exhibition. Videos are shot with high quality professional cinema cameras and professional equipment to capture the character and feeling of the home.

  1. Video production that showcases property’s features room-by-room + exteriors to give prospective buyers a better understanding of what the property looks like before they even visit it.
  2. NEW! We now offer Zillow Walkthroughs specifically designed for agents who do not have Zillow Premier Agent status; using high quality camera equipment to add professionalism to the finished product. Just because it has to be shot on a phone, doesn’t mean it has to look like it was!
  3. Real estate photography services to help capture elegant still images of any property’s best features! End product is 20-30 finished photos of the property.
  4. NEW! We now offer 360-Degree Virtual Reality video and photo content, (as well as time lapses), that can transport prospective buyers into the space and give them a true feeling of being there. These are also perfect for sharing properties on social media!
  5. Housing community video tours, usually employed by developers to give potential home buyers a feel for their community.

Ask us about bundling services into one package to save!

BLTHawaiian Vacation Rental’s Condo Retreat Video