We love the vintage look of film, but it isn’t always cost effective for productions. So we built a digital camera system and post-production¬†process that could emulate the look and feel of 16mm film (Kodak 500T). The camera produces a very unique image aesthetic that bridges the gap between film and digital to make projects stand out. The camera can deliver images in both black and white, and full color, currently up to 1080p HD in various aspect ratios, and 4k UHD in 4:3.

Great uses for this camera:

  • Music Videos
  • Period piece stylization.
  • In-camera 16mm film look
  • In-Camera 8mm film look.

Contact us today to learn more about digital 16mm film emulation and how you can use Franken-Camera on your next project!

The Franken-Camera System was used to capture the second act of Jarrod White’s Black Blood, and can be seen in use starting at 12:12.


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