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Current and past clients and partners:

  • Airbone Dance
  • Awamaki
  • Dr. Drew Brazier
  • EF Tours
  • Emerson College
  • Longmont Chamber of Commerce
  • Longmont Police Department
  • Consulting Unleashed Live!
  • BLT Hawaiian Vacation Rentals
  • One Flew West (Band)
  • PC Pro Video
  • ReSolutionaries Inc.
  • Silver Creek Leadership Academy
  • Silver Creek High School
  • St. Vrain Vally School District
  • Sunrise Stampede 2-Mile and 10k Race
  • Cinistream.com
  • FitUprising
  • +Private clients

One Flew West (Formerly Continuum) Music Video for “Fading In” (2014)

Completed project included:  Pre-Production, Production, Shooting, Cinematography, Editing, Digital Delivery.

Building a Knitting Center with Awamaki Awamaki, a non-profit organization that helps rural Peruvian women earn money for their families, and educational travel company EF Tours have joined forces to help build a weaving center in Rumira, a village just outside of Ollantaytambo, Peru. This short documentary was created to help talk about the project, why it is important to the community, and why it is important to students and other volunteers who come from all around the world to help improve the lives of others. We are proud to have partnered with these organizations in the production of this project.

Sunrise Stampede 2017
Modern Icon Media worked closely with event organizers to plan this event video; going through multiple marketing plan stages to get exactly what they needed. Our production team was responsible for pre-production, marketing strategy consultation, the multi-person crew filming, editing of social media and full versions, and after release video advertising to raise awareness.

Read our 5-Star review here: https://goo.gl/maps/rzqnEoqj4Y12

Reconnecting with Nature | Demo Fashion Film

Production Company: Modern Icon Media
Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Trenton Hoshiko
Producer: Robin Oliver
Model: Austin Bauman

We co-produced and co-shot this charity flashmob for a Christmas inspired fundraiser in association with PCProVideo.

Motivational speaking presentation excerpt from Dr. Drew Brazier. This event was shot and edited by Modern Icon Media.

We also filmed a multiple hour, multiple part, webinar on health with Dr. Drew Brazier for FitUprising.

Kasteel Well Spring Lip Dub 2015
We worked as part of the production team and provided director of photography services.

Real estate video created for BLT Hawaiian Vacation Rentals to show off their Kona, Hawaii rental property.

Completed Project included: Pre-Production, Production, Cinematography, Editing, Digital Delivery, Upload and Video Marketing.

Summer Beer Spec Ad – 30s Spot

Production Company: Modern Icon Media
Producer: Robin Oliver
Director & Cinematographer: Trenton Hoshiko

Completed Project included: Concept, Production, Cinematography, Editing, Coloring

Silver Creek Leadership Academy Retreat 2017
Modern Icon Media produced this short promotional event video for SCLA to showcase the activities and atmosphere of their summer retreat. Our production team was responsible for pre-production planning, filming, editing and coloring this video.

Promotional video for Jaymie A.’s Silver Creek Leadership Academy Capstone Project supporting the Room to Read foundation! We shot the video in about 3 hours one afternoon and had a final version to her three days later. We love charity based projects that help out and will provide a discount to make video production services cost effective, contact us today about your charity video needs!

Completed Project included: Pre-Production, Production, Dialogue Coaching, Cinematography, Editing, Digital Delivery, Upload and Video Marketing.

We were responsible for producing, designing, directing, the cinematography, editing and coloring of this music video.

Music video for the One Flew West (Formerly Continuum) song “Release”. We were responsible for shooting and editing.

Promotional video for the Silver Creek Leadership Academy education program.

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